Canon 5D Mark IV (w/ 4x Batteries, 3x Cards, C-Log)


We are located near the Halsey L train station in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our exact address will be printed on your confirmed rental receipt. Pickups and drop-offs by appointment only.

$42.00/day or weekend, $126.00/week

1x Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera Body, $2,799.00 + sales tax
4x Neewer LP-E6 Batteries, $71.98 + sales tax
2x Neewer LP-E6 Dual Chargers
2x SanDisk 128GB CF 160MB/s Extreme Pro, $179.98 + sales tax
1x SanDisk 128GB SD 95 MB/s Extreme Pro, $33.49 + sales tax
1x Unitek USB-C Super Speed Multi-card Reader, $18.99 + sales tax
1x Transcend USB-A Super Speed Multi-card Reader, $21.99 + sales tax
1x Crossbody Sling Quick Release Shoulder Strap, $14.99 + sales tax
1x Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR/Laptop Backpack, $67.00 + sales tax

= $3,207.42 Total Value + sales tax

Note: Each 128GB card holds 34 min of 4K video or 94 min of HD video. Canon Log (aka C-log) comes pre-installed. In the fifth camera menu, scroll down to Canon Log Settings, then toggle Canon Log on. Canon warns users of artifacts past ISO 400. When shooting video, sticking with intervals of 160 will provide the cleanest results (ie. 160, 320, 400, 640). If you start to encounter banding or other such issues, one possible solution is to go to Camera Menu 1 > Lens Aberration Correction > Peripheral Illumination and turn it off.