LiteMat 2 Hybrid 2L S2 LED Light (w/ Stand, 50′ Stinger)


We are located near the Halsey L train station in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our exact address will be printed on your confirmed rental receipt. Pickups and drop-offs by appointment only.

$75.00/day or weekend, $225.00/week

1x LiteMat 2L Hybrid, $1,529.99 + sales tax
1x LiteMat 2L PolySkirt
1x LiteMat 2L Diffuser, Quarter “Grid”
1x LiteMat 2L Diffuser, Half “Grid”
1x LiteMat 2L Diffuser, Full “Magic Cloth”
1x LiteMat 2L Parasquare Louver
1x LiteMat 2L Center Mount, Short
1x LiteMat 2L Kit Bag
1x LiteDimmer Hybrid
1x Standard LiteDimmer Pouch
1x LitePower Supply, 8A
1x Hybrid Extension, 12 Feet

1x Impact 10.75′ Turtle Base Chrome C-Stand, $104.95 + sales tax
1x Impact 2.5″ Chrome Grip Head, $13.50 + sales tax
1x Impact 40″ Grip Arm, $29.95 + sales tax
1x Neewer Heavy Duty Sandbag, $11.99 + sales tax
1x Monoprice 50′ 12AWG 15A Power Extension Cord, $41.34 + sales tax

= $1,731.72 Total Value + sales tax