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How do I request a rental?

Email Vincent, with a link to your wishlist and your desired checkout and return dates.

How are prices calculated?

Standard rental house pricing (with some sweet discounts)!

Up to 24 hours billed as 1 day

Up to 48 hours billed as 2 days

Up to 7 consecutive days billed as 3 days


1 weekend billed as 1 day (Friday PM to Monday AM)

7 consecutive days billed as 3 days (Friday AM pickup, Friday AM return)

Late Fees:

If you’ll be returning past your scheduled return time, call to ask about extending your rental: (212) 729-3978

If we cannot extend your rental due to a conflicting reservation, there will be a late fee of 1 day per 24 hours until your rental is returned up to the replacement value of the rental item(s). None of the above weekend or weekly discounts apply to late fees.